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Gift certificate - Style U Best

PERFECT GIFT to people you care about!
Imagine them walking into their closet and be excited about all the amazing outfits they have to choose from!

This gift certificate has no expiration date and valid with any of Style U Best services. To see more details about services please visit StyleUBest.com

Holiday Gift Certificate for 1 h Shopping session

PERFECT GIFT or a person you care about!
Do your holiday or sales shopping with a personal stylist and feel the difference. Buy clothes that fit and flatter, look trendy and feel amazing.

This certificate expires on March 31, 2018 and can be redeemed for 1 h Shopping session only. Cost of the outfits is not included. We work with any budgets.

Holiday Gift Certificate for Style Coaching session

PERFECT GIFT or a person you care about!
All style basics explained and style questions answered during 1.5h session (online or in-person). Colours, body shapes, do and don't. Ask anything you want to know and learn about your personal style and fashion.

This certificate expires on March 31, 2018 and can be redeemed for Style Coaching Session only.

Holiday gift certificate for Wardrobe Revision session

PERFECT GIFT to the person you care about!
Every closet deserves a second chance! Let us look into a closet, sort, clean and create new, trendy outfits from what you have. Feel amazing and look great and current without spending money on new clothes.

This certificate expires on March 31, 2017 and works for online or in-person wardrobe revision

Your personal brand: what to wear on video or photo shoots

E-book on how to increase your credibility with the polished outfits to create the right impression with your audience.

How to Look Your Best Ever - body image video course

I know how to make real women's bodies look beautiful.
I will teach you what to wear to balance your figure, as well as what to reveal and what to conceal to make you look your best

After this course, you will completely change an attitude toward your body and will see its blessings, not a pathetic pile of flaws.
This course consist of:
---> "How to look your best ever" video about how to visually change your body to look as you wish
---> 5 video lessons organized by body shape
---> Examples of trendy outfits for your inspiration
---> "Main style mistakes" pfd brochure